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27. března 2014 v 9:17 |  Ostatní články
You don't know what iCon Prague is? Do not worry, I will explain it to you.
It is the most amazing iConference in Czech republic! It is the conference for friends and fans of the Apple brand devices. This conference was held on 22nd March - 23rd March 2014 at Národní technická knihovna in Prague Dejvice.
Ok, but why should you visit this conference? I fell in love with Apple devices so I was sure that I had to go there. You do not have to have your own Apple device, it is not required to have it. You can also visit this place if you like new technologies. iCon is divided into two parts: paid and free. And of course you can choose which one you prefer. They are then divided into few parts: iConLife, iConMania, iConEdu, iConDev and iConExpo.
There were two people from abroad this year for the first time who had their speaches there.
One of them was Chris Griffiths from the UK. He is the man who made the project of iMindMaps. What is iMindMap? It is better and more creative way of our popular To-Do lists. Be more creative and better with the iMindMaps. Use some symbols, pictures or only words in your presentation because one picture could explain more than one hundred words. He showed us some examples and of course at the end there were still some people who were for and some who were against iMindMaps and prefer To-Do lists. But there is one more thing! You can create To-Do lists from your iMindMap with one button click if you want.
The other was very interesting person Daniel Rubio. Blind, amazing, Spanish woman who came there to show us something really great! She could do a lot of magic with her iPad only by her voice. This technology is called VoiceOver. She can manipulate with the iPad only with her voice, ask for the navigation, write messages, open applications and much more! She showed us how to create the video presentation from her photos, taken in Prague this weekend, and of course everything only by her voice. It was amazing, gorgeous, fantastic! I can not explain it, you would have to see it!
Of course there were a lot of interesting speaches about iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other devices. There were also a lot of interesting competitions but you would have to feel the atmosphere.
For me it was not only about the devices or the Apple products but it was also about the community, people and having fun. People who had their speaches were ordinary people and you could talk to them or ask them what you want to know after their speach.
It was amazing and if you have the same feeling after reading this article, we might see you next time at the iCon Prague 2015.

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