Just do it!!

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There is no right way and there is no wrong way. Just do whatever you think is good for you!
I learnt that such a long time ago and it still works the same way.

Believe it or not, it is true!

Sometimes people like to say: You know but I think you shouln't do that or it is not good for you!
But do you know what? It is up to you!
Is that your dream? Is that what you want? Just go for it!

This is your life and noone should decide about your life. Go for everything you want but make sure you are not going to hurt anyone. Do you want to be a pilot? Do you want to travel the World? Is there a place where you would like to go and they just dont agree?

People might like to give you advice and trying to help you what is absolutely ok and great for you but don't forget that if you want to do something you should work on it on your own.

It will be hard sometimes (really often), you will be just pissed of and you will like to give it up but don't do it! It will be a long journey and sometimes you will need someone to help you and thats ok!

Sometimes you are going to fall down. If so? Stand up again and keep trying because the worst thing is to STOP!

These moments will just make you stronger! Without pain there is no gain!

Stop saying: I CAN'T DO THIS!

Just go for it!

If you want something there are no excuses! Not NOW! Not LATER! NEVER! Just DO IT!


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