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Have you ever had the feeling that you just don't know what you want to do in 5 years or where to be?

Did you say YES? I heard you did!

But thats ok if you are not 25 already.
Then people will start to ask you questions like - What are you going to do now? Where do you like to live? What job, what about family etc.
All these questions and you have just one possible answer for them - I dont know! Just leave me alone!

I mean I have a big dream. Since I was a child I have ever wanted to go to the USA! I remember when my mum told me I came home from my first English class ( I was only 7 years old ). I stood in front of her and said - One day, I'm going to America! Believe it or not, noone knows where did I find this but everyone knows that it is still in me and I believe one day I will go there and my dream will finally come true! Thats why I tried American Au Pair and it didn't work so I'm here now! In forever and ever green and rainy Ireland but I still belive.

Because one day someone told me - NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS!!

But back to the story!

I was thinking what if America won't work again. My friends know I love writing articles, stories or my blog. Not all of you will understand that and don't try but it's a passion! I also found myself in travelling. I love meeting new people, exploring new places, learning about new cultures or tasting new exotic food.

Few days ago I found a blog of a very special and lovely person. Her name is Ivana and she is travelling in Asia right now. She loves travelling and writing so I feel she is close to me. I decided to contact her. And then?!

I finally FOUND the answer! The answer I was looking for!

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you know what you like to do but you just need someone to help you feel it again and just remind you to go for it?!

She DID! She had the words I needed to hear and she wrote the words I wanted to read!

Sometimes we just need some "stranger" to help us see what we want and move us a bit the in right way.
And as someone told me before I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY DREAMS.

World is waiting for me and if there will be more lovely people like you Ivana, this World could be a better place to live!



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