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Hey man, are you looking for some typical American restaurant in Prague? What do you like to eat? Burgers? Sandwiches? French Fries? Salad?

Bejzment is the right place to go! Is that the best place in Prague? Best place? What does that mean? There are a lot of places in Prague where you can eat great burgers and it depends on you what do you prefer but it is definitely the place you are looking for! You better try their burgers, as those burgers are just amazing! Actually there are no right words for those burgers. Great is not enough, awesome is better but still not that special. Gorgeous? They are, but you know some special way. You just got a try and find your own words. Let's say they are special awesome!

I was there few years ago already but I decided to try it one more time, as I would love to know if those burgers are the same as before.

I went inside without making any reservation. The restaurant was full! Hell! But there were two girls (waitresses) and they did the best to find a place for me. I should thank them a lot, not just because of finding the place, but also because of their smiles and their willingness. The staff in this restaurant is just so friendly and really nice. The restaurant was full of people, they had to solve a lot of problems, they were running around but still always smiling. It's not usual everywhere and I appreciate that a lot! Veronika recommended one burger to me. I was a bit cheeky to be honest, because I just wanted to test her if she knows a lot about their burgers. She offered me (as I was asking for something spicy) Svit chalapeno burgr and told me she would recommend to change the gouda cheese for the goat cheese to me and so did I! The best combination ever!

I had my onion rings first which were really good. Crunchy on the outside, but fresh in the inside. Served with some BBQ sauce. Really good start of a night out or not? I was drinking my Vanilla coke and was waiting for my burger, watching the walls around. You can watch all those American stuff. Postcards, cards, flags or some other American things. Enough time for the chef to make my burger while I was watching around.

Back to the burger that is already on my plate on my table! First thing which you can see is the bun! Home made bun with the name as a tattoo on the top of it. Crunchy, but not too crunchy. Just the right way. The meat is prepared medium so it was really juicy and not dry. The juice was falling on my plate any my hands (don't be worry, you will get some tissues for cleaning your hands). When you bite it, it's like heaven. I'm not sure how heaven looks like but if it is at least that great then I need to find that place! There is nothing better than bite your meat together with the goat cheese that I switched with the gouda cheese as Veronika recommended to me. This combination was just wow! I don't think I can find the right words how to explain the taste of the burger, you better try on your own and try to find your right words. Big thanks to the chef, because the burger was just perfect!

Big thanks to the waitresses as well, because their company will force you want to come back again and again. The interior of the restaurant is just so authentic and when you sit at your place you feel like you are somewhere in America. Like if you are at the old Road 66 at some great American bistro, eating such a great burger and listening the American music.

Nothing else to say! Just that you should go there and try all of this just on your own! Enjoy it!

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