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I have decided this article should go to my blog as well as the website I write for. I hope you enjoy this one as it is quite different than my other articles.
Back in Starbucks! No review, no recipe, no event article today. I have decided to write something different today and I hope you like it.

I was asked to write an article about men from my girlfriends. Me? What a joke! The person who hasn't had a true relationship since...oh, stop counting, shouts the voice in my head! I actually don't need any boyfriend anyway, right? Thinking and feeling like my favorite American series character Carrie Bradshaw. I felt like her already last week when my girlfriends and I were in one of those nice small wineries sharing stories about male population. Here I am, back to my question: Do I need any? Decided that I seriously don't need any because when I heard my friends talking I had a feeling I might better get a dog instead. Really, where are those gentlemen like in the past? Well, one of my friends' boyfriend wanted to be one and so he told my friend he has a surprise for her. He also added it is something she has ever wanted to have. "Wow! Are we going to travel a bit, finally? Did you buy some wellness for us?", she was really curious and so asking a lot but he didn't say anything, anything at all! Her mind was going crazy; her imagination was on a high level already thinking of a beach with palm trees somewhere in the Mediterranean!

I think that you already know she didn't get any vacation. My question was: "So, what the hell did you get?" Her answer was just mind blowing and crazy at the same time. He told her, he is going to pay her a transplantation of her eyebrows! Shocking? Really? Not even I didn't have any idea that you can actually do that but also because of why should she do that? She never asked, she never talked about anything like that with him, neither anyone but he thought it could be a great idea and I'm just asking, why? Come on guys, could you just listen to us a bit and then you might know she didn't want any or my other friend who didn't want anything more or less than a talk? Reminds me of my question again: Do I need any man as a boyfriend? Why do we need men by the way? No offense to my male audience, we can be too talkative, bitchy, boring, not talkative, sad, happy, laughing or crying and sad and that all in one day or even a moment so I'm not saying we are perfect. We are too far from perfection, either you are, but one more time: Why do we, women need men?

Maybe when you need something to be repaired at home? We have male friends for that; you don't need to be in a relationship, right? The young generation can't repair anything anyway or is that just my feeling? You studied two Universities but I can change my light bulb better than you do, that is weird! There are still few men thinking women have their "tasks", as well as men, have them. My other friend telling me her struggle with her boyfriend: "He asked me to move my book from a table because the book should be on a bookshelf!" This is not weird but they live together and he has just two "tasks" around the flat to do that are trash and hoovering. "He doesn't care there is dust everywhere because he decided it is enough to hoover the carpet once in three weeks and so the dust has almost already started to stick my socks and that the trash should go because our cat almost already started to look for its dinner in the bin how full it is, but I should move my book that I read and place it in a bookshelf because it is its place!" No matter what, she does the groceries, cooking, dishes, etc. And why? Because he thinks it is her job to do so? Are you serious? Are we still divided into a hunter (should be a man, I guess) and a chef or a servant-maid (a woman, I guess)?

So I have a feeling I really don't need any boyfriend!

One of my friends told me: "If you need a company of someone, get a dog! They are fluffy and give you the same cuddles! Although they don't speak so if you tell them to do something they will, they are loyal and will love you forever, you don't have to cook for them, they love your friends and they listen to you!

I guess, it is not that bad with you guys but while traveling you don't have too much time to look for any of you and if so, then where to find those? So in the end of my article, I have decided for an experiment! Where and how to find men aka normal man "treasure" hunt!

Thank you, girls, for your requests on this article and I hope, I did well! For those who read it to hear I would love to hear any suggestions of places where to find any nice guys, not just a bar "one-night stand" but any ideas where to go for my "experiment".

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