The fault in our stars or not?

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While reading the book and still not in the end of it realizing how our life is just...
I just wanted to write some article but I couldn't keep moving. Why? Am I too scared or what? I know it is hard to say but yeah we are not immortal. Some of us are even not staying that long on this beautiful Earth that they should and it is not fair, it is bullshit! Although, it is how the world works. Back to my question, am I scared? Of course! Everyone should be but am I more scared than the others? I might be or not, whatever, to be honest, I'm. The bastard in my head is still there and so you never know what happen tomorrow. Of course, there is such a small chance and...but it is still there. However I have such a great friends, I couldn't have better. My family is amazing and went with me through all the hard times I had to go through.

Still thinking what I really wanted to write and let people read and think of my article. I actually had a feeling that it is not enough. We don't do enough to live the life we want. Some people are asking why did I decide to go to Vietnam? Why do I do this or that? I have one simple answer because we are not staying forever and I would love to do as much as I can, see as much as I see and meet as many people as I can meet. You never know what time did we get to stay here. It could be 80 years but it could be 30 or less. Nowadays, people are rushing everywhere, looking for making a lot of money, making their career but seriously, where are the memories you will remember? Don't stay long at work go and hug your family instead, follow your friends to that crazy place you didn't want to go actually and talk to them, eat that bloody great looking cake that you stare forever while passing the bakery window and why? Because you don't have any idea how much time do you have as I don't know as well. No one knows and that's why we should just go ahead and enjoy every minute and second of it!

While reading the last chapter I read about the funeral and you immediately think of how many people would show up during yours. Oh come on, this is nothing pessimistic at all but I would actually love to know. I would love to know if anyone would talk about me, in what way and what will they say. We are living the lives and we want people to remember us in a way, right? We all also want to be remembered by someone, sometimes by strangers. Do we actually need people to give us condolences by our Facebook page or do we need them to say we see each other in heaven? What is heaven by the way? Is it a place where everyone is happy, playing football, dancing, singing, drinking or sleeping or doing just what they want? I don't believe there is such a place because if so then why are we all so scared that the woman, called Dead is coming for us one day?

We should change our minds a bit. Today's life is just rushing around, making money and do all to make the others happy. Press pause, sit down, hug someone, talk to someone or just go for a walk to the park. Think of yourself and make yourself happy!

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